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What does your Village look like?

Designing a community resource map together

On July 14, 2022, participants at the 2022 STEPS Young Parents Celebration completed an interactive mapping exercise to celebrate the bright spots in their neighborhoods: the people, places, and resources that supported them during the last year. As resident leaders, participants also described their vision for their neighborhoods.

In a facilitated discussion, participants co-created a community map of shared resources for families. Participants added resources to a community-annotated map using post-it notes and learned about resources from their peers. Resources including affordable and nutritious food, early education and childcare services, housing resources, mental health services, outdoor spaces, and parental support groups were added to an interactive digital map anonymously in real time and shared online here as as a tool for summit participants to take home. 


All of the resources in this map were mentioned by participants during the the discussion. Click on any location or neighborhood to see quotes from participants.

This map was co-created with young parent participants at the 2022 STEPS Young Parent Celebration and Stronger Generations.

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