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Stability Support

Resources if Involved in Evictions

Community resources for eviction prevention in the City of Boston are available including the resources found in Just Shelter as suggested by the Eviction Lab. Four categories of resources (education and advocacy, housing assistance, legal aid, and tenant rights) can be found. Click each resource for more details.


[Further resources] 

Emergency shelters and more comprehensive housing assistance can be found in HelpSteps.

[COVID-19 related updates for the Boston residents] 

Last updated: April 20, 2021

  • If you are at immediate risk of becoming homeless, call the Office of Housing Stability at 617-635-4200 (source). Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. For help outside these hours, please contact BOS:311. You can dial 3-1-1 or call 617-635-4500.

  • Services for the homeless: In response to the public health emergency, the city of Boston put together a list of resources for those experiencing homelessness.

  • What to do when facing an eviction: There is a federal eviction moratorium in place until June 30, 2021. The Order prohibits property owners from evicting people who cannot pay rent. You must fill out a declaration form (available in other languages as well) and present it to your landlord.

    • ​“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an order that may protect you from being evicted or removed from where you are living. This means that you may be able to stay at the place where you live through June 30, 2021, if you qualify. Complete the Eviction Protection Declaration form and give the signed form to the individual or company you rent from.”

  • Rental Relief FundThis fund is available to families at risk of being evicted or who need to relocate. This fund offers up to $15,000 in assistance for income eligible households for up to 12 months that can be used for past due rent, current rent, and future rent. Eligible households will need to recertify income every three months to verify continued need. Eligibility can be checked through the link, and there are no restrictions based on immigration status.​​

  • Housing Stability Pledge for landlords: The pledge asks landlords to honor the federal eviction moratorium; create payment plans with and for tenants, help connect tenants with resources; and work with the relevant voucher administrator for tenants with housing vouchers. "Housing Stability Notification Act"​ requires property owners and constables who are serving a Notice to Quit (the first step in the legal process of an eviction) to provide a document containing information on tenant rights and resources available to them when issuing a Notice to Quit or non-renewal of lease.

  • Mortgage Deferral Agreement: You may be eligible to defer your mortgage payment by as much as three months with no penalties. More information on the bank partnership is available online. Please make sure to contact your lender.

  • Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS)​​

  • MLPBoston​: comprehensive updates on housing court & district court, eviction, and foreclosure ​​are available.

    • The CDC has issued a nationwide eviction moratorium protecting most tenants experiencing financial hardship. Tenants must submit a CDC declaration to their landlord to be covered by the national moratorium. The CDC moratorium does not prevent a landlord from filing a complaint in housing court for eviction, but it does protect the tenant against a physical removal from their home. 

    • Consider enrolling in a Fuel Assistance program at a local Community Action Program (CAP). All fuel assistance agencies are taking applications over the phone.

  • MetroHousing | Boston : If you are seeking financial assistance from RAFT or ERMA to help pay rental or utility arrears, fill out the application and submit via their website. Online Section 8 and Project-Based applications are also available.

  • Mattapan Family Service Center: Foreclosure prevention resources - "When you're at risk of losing your home, we can provide mediation and advocacy, help you organize your finances, and access the resources you need."

  • City Life/Vida Urbana

    • Call our hotline - an emergency hotline for people facing eviction during the public health crisis. Please CALL US immediately if you're afraid you'll get evicted soon. 617-934-5006 (English); 617-397-3773 (Espanol) 

    • Apply for Rent Relief; Declare your eligibility for the federal eviction ban; Sign our pledge; Know your resources.

  • HomeStart

    • ​For our Eviction Prevention Hotline, please call 857-415-2900. If you owe back rent and are trying to stay in your apartment, we may be able to help.

  • City Mission

    • ​Rental Assistance Request: the Emergency Needs Network program provides limited, one-time grants for back rent.

  • Nuestra CDC

    • ​FREE Foreclosure Prevention Services - Call Andora at 617-989-9900 or Mirta at 617-989-1222; email at “Our experienced foreclosure prevention advocates assist homeowners throughout Boston by working with lenders to achieve long-term solutions to mortgage problems." Nuestra Comunidad is a HUD-certified Housing Counseling Agency. Services are available in English and Spanish. 

  • Union of Minority Neighborhoods

    • ​“Call 1-888-271-2298 for the UMN Helpline. Receive utility assistance, housing aid, unemployment help, and referrals. Monday-Friday 10AM-3PM.”

  • ABCD

    • Fuel Assistance: "If you qualify for fuel assistance (LIHEAP), we help pay your winter heating bill by working directly with vendors, and you can take advantage of many other services that are absolutely free." The deadline to apply has been extended to May 28, 2021.​

    • ABCD Connect is providing assistance with food, rent and other essentials including childcare, utilities, internet/cell-phone, transportation, and more. The need should be tied to COVID in some way, such as loss of income related to COVID. For more information, contact ABCD Boston at 617-348-6329 or email them at

  • Wellness Ideas Bank: various resources, ideas, and events for supporting wellness and social connections are submitted by community members. Please submit more resources and ideas @

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