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Welcome to the Community Housing Data Tool! This interactive tool is the product of Vital Village Network’s Community Data Workgroup: a team of diverse individual and organizational community partners who are all interested in supporting Boston families in obtaining safe, affordable, high quality housing. This page provides data and resource maps intended for individuals, families, and organizations interested in learning more about the state of housing in our Boston community. 
Community/External Quality & Safety 4
Climate Vulnerability
Community/External Quality & Safety 1
Needle Safety
Community/External Quality & Safety 2
Crime Density
Community/External Quality & Safety 3
Community Resources
In-house Quality & Safety 1
Blood Lead Levels
In-house Quality & Safety 2
Smoking Prevalence
Eviction Rate
Eviction Rate
Eviction Related Resources
Accessibility of Affordable Living Options
Severe Rental Burden
Returning Citizens
Lived Experiences
Single Fathers
Lived Experiences
Residents With Asthma
Breathe Easy at Home
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